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Welcome to DazzlingGames

You will find here dazzling games tiny, original, never seen before.

What kind of games?

We have many games in stock and in our minds. There are puzzles, action games, math and word games...
We played them, enjoyed, compete, but never had enough time to finish them.


All our games are tested on Windows 98 SE / ME / XP / Vista / 2000 / 2003 / 2008.
You can play against computer or real oponent - in LAN or over the Internet.


All our games are free.
You can play the game without any time limitation.
You can share the game and give it to anybody.


If you decide to register the game and buy a license, you will get some benefits.
It is especially valuable if you want to compete with others, in network or Internet game.
We believe that the license fee is acceptable: 12 Euro (15 USD).