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Welcome to TankGap game web site!

TankGap is a tank battle gap through the front line.

Read this, please

Please read this carefully before you run this game.
This game is a computer program written with the best intentions, to enable people to relax a little and release stress, or just to have joy and fun.
Regardless of intentions, the computer is a very complex system in which a lot of things can happen.
The authors want to clear to everyone that the original game does not contain any malicious code, but authors can not guarantee that the computer as a complex system will behave as intended.
The authors also can not guarantee that the program is not modified on the way to you.
Therefore, the authors can not hold any responsibility, nor direct or indirect, nor visible, or invisible, nor implied, or supposed, simply any responsibility for anything that happens, have happened or will happen on any computer or outside the computer, whether this program is on it, or once was, or will be.
If you decide to start this program, you will do it only at your own risk.
If you can not or do not want to accept that it is solely your responsibility, according to the exclusive authors rights, authors do not allow you to run this program.
If you accept what is written in this disclaimer, the authors allow you to run this program on any computer an unlimited number of times.
By running this program for the first time, you acknowledge that you accept all what is written here.


You have a permission to give this game to anyone, provided that you give it for free and that you do not give your license to anybody.


By buying a license you'll get the possibility to publish your results on the game web site.
Please keep in mind that the majority of players and visitors to the game site are children, and therefore we insist that your name, the league name, the game name, or any other data you send to the site, will not contain anything that is inappropriate for that age.
The possibility for publishing your results on the game site does not represent an obligation to authors, and authors will hold the exclusive right to discard any and all data that are not in accordance with this request.
It is quite possible that you accidentally enter something that is not appropriate, especially because you can not know what is inappropriate in some other language that visitors use on the site, and you'll be alerted on potential problem.
If you repeat the mistake more than five times, we will not think that the error is accidental and you will be permanently banned from this web site.

Game Web Site

Authors retain the unlimited right to decide whether something can or can not be published on the game web site and will discard without a notice everything that is not considered appropriate.
Since neither the authors can know all the words that could be inappropriate in some language, they can not be held responsible for anything published as the player name, the league name, the game name, or any other visitors or players data.
If you notice that something inappropriate was posted on the site, please notify us immediately. We will respond as soon as we check and confirm your notice.