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Welcome to TankGap game web site!

TankGap is a tank battle gap through the front line.

You can start the registration process by clicking here.


There are no time limits for playing this game without a registration.
So why would anyone pay for a license?
By buying a license you will receive several benefits.

Shift key

Shift key is not active if you do not have a license.
To remind you the Shift key allows you to fire at enemy tanks using the "aiming computer" in your tank. Buying a license grants you a great advantage over other players.

Network game

The network game can not be repeated if you do not have a license.
If you want to continue the game with a friend, you have to establish a communication from the beginning.
If you have a license everything is much simpler and you can repeat the game as long as you and your friend want.
And perhaps even more important in a network game against a real opponent (a friend) you will realize how great the advantage you can get using the Shift key is.

Results on the Internet

Results on the Internet you can publish only if you have a license.
If you don't have the license you can only look at other results and estimate the position you deserve with your skills.

Name on the screen

If you buy a license you will see the most beautiful thing on the screen your name.


Support you will give us is much, much greater than the value of the license.

You can start the registration process by clicking here.