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Welcome to TankGap game web site!

TankGap is a tank battle gap through the front line.

This is a simple, easy and interesting game. You can play it whenever you want to relax a little, or when you want to compete with a friend or unknown opponent.

Game Types Command Buttons
Game Play Game Settings
Results Network Game

Command Buttons

Command buttons are located at the left bottom part of the screen. To start its function you have to click on the button icon with any mouse button (in brackets are the keys you can press to achieve the same effect).

New Game (F2 / PgDn) starts the game with values of free parameters (in the game settings left as zero) set to random numbers in the allowed range.

Next Game (F3 / End) will start the game increasing the last free parameter by 1. If the new value of this parameter becomes greater than the upper limit value, it will be set to 1, and the value of the previous free parameter will be increased for 1.

Same Game (F4 / Del) will repeat the game in progress; parameters do not change, and the time and number of points are reset to zero.

Pause / Continue (Spacebar) will pause the game or continue it if it's already stopped.

Off / On Sound (F5) stops or resumes the sounds of shooting and explosions.

Help (F1) shows a short guide for playing this game. Why short? Because the majority of players love to explore more than to read boring text; and everything in this game is very logical and obvious.

Game Settings (F10 / F12) opens the window allowing you to set the parameters that determine the way of playing.

Network Game (F8) allows you to make a contact and play a game with friends or other players in the local area network (LAN) or over Internet.

End (ESC) ends the game.

You can use these keys too:

Enter (or Alt + click on any mouse button) stops the current game, removes it from the screen, and displays the game icon next to the clock. The game can continue only by pressing the Alt key and clicking the right mouse button on the icon; any other click on the icon will close the game and remove the icon.

F9 shows how the computer plays the game (against itself). By pressing F9 again you can return to the ordinary way of playing, but the results achieved can not be published on Internet in order to compare with the results of other players.

If you have any problems with the mouse, you can move the mouse pointer by pressing the keys on the numeric keypad. If you press Ctrl or Shift key (or both) the mouse pointer will move faster. Number 5, key in the middle, will fire the shell.

Up and down arrows on the navigation pad of the keyboard can replace the left and the right mouse buttons.