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Welcome to TankGap game web site!

TankGap is a tank battle gap through the front line.

This is a simple, easy and interesting game. You can play it whenever you want to relax a little, or when you want to compete with a friend or unknown opponent.

Game Types Command Buttons
Game Play Game Settings
Results Network Game

Game Settings

When you click on the Set command button or press F10 or F12 key, game will pause and the window with current settings will be shown. You will have an opportunity to change any settings you like.

Possible choices are:


You can choose the language in which you want to read messages of the game, including this one.

The files with several languages are available on game site, and soon there will be more. Check if there is a translation in the language you want, download it, unpack it (if it is in a .zip format) and put it on the same folder where the game is.

Your Name

If you want to see your name on the game site, enter it here. It does not have to be your real name, the name you entered when you registered the game. You can write anything you think will represent you the best.


If you want to compete with others, it may be with anyone in the entire world, or within a small group of friends. The league is the name of a group. It can be anything you agreed with your friends, for example North Pacific, Europe, yellow building 73, slow creek etc.

A member of the league is anyone who knows its name and enters it in this field.

League can be open or closed.

Results in the open league can see any visitor on Internet. He can even play the game as a member of the league, compete with other members and publish his results on the game site.

Closed league will not be publicly available on Internet. Member of the league can be any player if he / she knows the name of the league.

If you create a new league, it is always closed. Members of the league will become your friends if you tell them the name of the league and they enter that name in the game settings. Remember, all league members are equal, so any member can mark league as open on the game site, and no one can close it again.

Game Parameters:

In the game settings you can specify how many tanks you can control at the same time; how many tanks can have your enemy at any moment; duration of the game; the maximum speed of tanks; number of shells in the tank's fire control system; and a landscape configuration.

If any parameter is set to a fixed value, it will not be changed until you change it explicitly.

If any of these parameters is set to zero, the program will treat it as free and the value of this parameter will be set to a random number in the allowed range at the beginning of each new game.

Change of any parameter will take effect only after the beginning of a new game.

Display Parameters

Game settings are always displayed in the bottom of the screen, below the percentage of the total efficiency.

Parameters are written as a set of numbers and letters that have the following meaning (where stated letter n in this view, the real number will be printed):

D The type of the game is defense (Defense)
A The type of the game is attack (Attack)
Tn Duration of the game (Time)
Nn Total number of tanks for defense (Number)
Mn The number of your tanks (My Tanks)
En The number of enemy tanks (Enemy Tanks)
Vn The highest speed of tanks (Velocity)
Sn The number of shells in the tank's firing control (Shells)
Ln Landscape configuration (Landscape)