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Welcome to TankGap game web site!

TankGap is a tank battle gap through the front line.

This is a simple, easy and interesting game. You can play it whenever you want to relax a little, or when you want to compete with a friend or unknown opponent.

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The results are shown in the top left part of the screen and represent the number of points you gained and / or the time from the beginning of the game.

There are several ways to compare your skill with others number of points, duration of the game, and efficiency.

Number of Points

If you play a defensive game, for each destroyed enemy tank you will get 100 points. For each your tank hit, you will lose 100 points. Each fired shell has its price - one point. There is one rule: you may not hit any enemy tank until it has crossed the border (the border is clearly marked near the right edge of the screen). If you do, for each tank destroyed you will be punished with 100 points.

For offensive game the most important is that you reach the defense line of the enemy in the shortest possible time, so number of points has no significance. Marked area on the enemy side is not the border, but enemy's defensive line, so you can aim at tanks and hit them even if they are on the other side of the line.


If you play a defensive game with a limited number of tanks, your mission is to keep the enemy as long as possible, so your goal is to make the duration of the game the most you can. In addition to the time in this game type, you can win or lose points in the same way as in the Defense Time game.

If you play an attack game, your goal is to break the enemy's line quickly, so the duration of the game should be the least.


If the results are ending with an exclamation mark that means no one of your tanks was hit, so you have the overall efficiency of 100%.

There are three criteria for determining the effectiveness.

Your performance determines the accuracy of marksmanship (number of enemy tanks hit vs. number of shells fired by your tanks), and should be as large as possible (100% means that your every fired shell has hit an enemy tank).

Efficiency of the enemy is the number of your tanks hit vs. number of shells fired by enemy, and should be as small as possible (0% means that none of your tanks was hit), and represents your skill to avoid the enemy shells.

Overall efficiency is the number of destroyed enemy tanks vs. the total number of destroyed tanks, and should be as large as possible (100% means that all tanks hit are enemy tanks).

You can see these data at the bottom of the screen.

If you have marked in the game settings that your results should appear on the Internet, you'll be able to compare your results with the results of other players in every category.