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Welcome to TankGap game web site!

TankGap is a tank battle gap through the front line.

This is a simple, easy and interesting game. You can play it whenever you want to relax a little, or when you want to compete with a friend or unknown opponent.

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Game Play Game Settings
Results Network Game

Network Game

You can play this game against a real opponent in the local computer network (LAN) or over the Internet.

Location of the game

Since this game is intended to entertain, and not to be a highly sophisticated communication system, there are some technical limitations.


To play in the LAN, computers must be located in the same IP address space. Usually that means they have to be located with no more than one router between them.


To play over the Internet, computers must have the ability to see each other directly, and that means that they have external IP addresses or are located behind the router or some other device for address translation (NAT) which behaves normally. That all means that computers have to be able to maintain a direct peer-to-peer communication without a transition server.

With a game play over the Internet, the synchronization is always a problem, especially in slower or highly loaded networks.

Game Types

The game on the network can be a private or a public.

Private Game

If you come to an agreement with a friend about the game settings and game name, enter that name and program will connect you to the game with the same name. Program will use the game settings and the landscape randomly from one of your computers.

Public Game

If you choose a public game, you can look for available games or you can send the name of your game as an invitation to anyone.