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Welcome to TankGap game web site!

TankGap is a tank battle gap through the front line.

This is a simple, easy and interesting game. You can play it whenever you want to relax a little, or when you want to compete with a friend or unknown opponent.

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Game Play

You can move your tank left or right by pressing A or S key on the keyboard or by pressing left or right arrow key.

You can move your second tank by pressing Q or W key, and your third tank by pressing Z or X keys.

Your tanks will appear on the left side of the screen and move to the right, the enemy tanks in will appear on the right side of the screen and move to the left.

The landscape of the battle is exaggerated to be clear that this is just a game, and not a simulation of the reality.

The shells fired by tanks are moving according to the laws of physics and can not pass through the hills. When the tank is hit, it is destroyed and disappears from the battlefield. New tank appears at the same moment on the side of the screen and includes in the battle. There are no magical shields or hidden ways to pass the natural laws.

You define a target by moving your mouse pointer. You can fire by pressing a mouse button and after that you have no control over the shell.

Muzzle velocity of the shell is determined by a distance of the mouse pointer from your tank; if the distance is greater, shell will have a greater speed.

The path of a shell and the spot where it will hit is determined by a mouse button which you press.

If you press the left mouse button, shell will be fired to reach the height of the mouse pointer on the screen, and to hit an enemy tank which it is located exactly vertically below the mouse pointer. If you move the mouse pointer up, it is more likely your shell will fly over the hill and hit the enemy, but it will travel longer and the enemy will have an opportunity to escape from the target position.

If you press the right mouse button, shell will be fired to pass through the point at the top of the mouse pointer arrow. This is the way to aim at enemy directly, for example, if there is no hill between your and the enemy tank.

If you press the Ctrl key, the meaning of mouse buttons will be swapped. In that case press on the left mouse button represents the direct aim; press on the right mouse button represents the aiming on the path according to the height of the mouse pointer.

If you press the Shift key, the "aiming computer" in your tank will calculate the optimal path for the shell to get to the target in the shortest possible time and not to hit the hill.

In your game settings you can order the program to assume that the keys Ctrl and/or Shift are pressed constantly (or not pressed at all). This is the easiest way to choose an aiming method appropriate for you.